Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter Trips are kid friendly

Are you looking for a fishing trip on a party boat in Santa Rosa Beach that you will never forget? The only place to go is Olin Marler’s Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Santa Rosa Beach. We offer party boat charters that are great for all kinds of groups, from families to large groups to people traveling alone. Get ready for an exciting trip as we look for grouper, tuna, shark, snapper, and more.

When it comes to making sure the kids have a great time, you won’t be let down by our teams’ knowledge and skill. You can spend a fun day in the sun with your kids on a Santa Rosa Beach fishing party boat charter boat. You’ll make many fond memories.

Everyone knows that Santa Rosa Beach is right down the road from Destin which is the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” and they’re not lying. Many kinds of fish find safety in the shallow water near the shore, where the warm Gulf Stream meets the water. Because we are in a great spot that makes the most of this natural bounty, every trip with our Santa Rosa Beach fishing party boat charters are full of chances to catch big fish.

Our deep sea fishing charters from Santa Rosa Beach are a great way to go fishing. Take a party boat charter to see Santa Rosa Beach’s water and get away from it all. This adventure is fun for groups of all sizes. In our clean waters, you can have a fun-filled get-together, a relaxing family trip, or a trip by yourself.

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter 

Because we know that every fisherman has different tastes, we offer a range of fishing trips to suit them all. We have a variety of Santa Rosa Beach fishing party boat charters that can be customized to fit your needs. You can enjoy the thrill of trolling for pelagic species like tuna and mahi-mahi out to sea, or you can take on the challenge of bottom fishing for grouper and snapper in deep water.

Our charter service is based on a group of skilled and knowledgeable fishing guides. Our captains are not only very good at fishing, but they also know a lot about the fishing ecosystem in the area. They know from personal experience where the big ones go to feed, migrate, and hang out, so you can increase your chances of catching one. No matter how much or how little fishing experience you have, our Santa Rosa Beach party boat charter guides will make the trip fit your needs and skill level.

Our one-of-a-kind deep sea fishing charter trips in Santa Rosa Beach offer chances that you’ll never get again. Come with us as we look for different kinds of fish, like amberjack, sheepshead, triggerfish, drum, snapper, shark, and swordfish. Come on this exciting trip with us as we make memories that will last a lifetime that go beyond simple fish stories.

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter are Kid-Friendly

When kids are on board, their make sure they have a great time, they love to catch fish, so our priority is to make sure they do. Our Santa Rosa Beach party boat fishing charters are great for families with kids, so bring them along and let our staff take care of your deep sea fishing charter needs. This trip is something they will always remember!

We have different types of guided fishing trips for people of all ages, including trolling, sword, bottom, and deep dropping. How far out to sea you can go and the kinds of fish you can catch will depend on how long your Santa Rosa Beach fishing party boat charter is.

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter Trips 

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter Trips 

Our half-day private charter fishing trips in Santa Rosa Beach are great for families or people who want to try fishing for the first time. After six or eight hours, you can get back in time for lunch. No matter how long you want to fish, our 4, 6, 8 & 10 hour Santa Rosa Beach fishing private charter trips are perfect for you. This type of fishing private charter in Santa Rosa Beach takes you to deeper water, where you can catch a wider range of fish.

If you want to do something once in a lifetime, check out our overnight trips or things to put on your bucket list. Based on the species you want to see (during the right season), we can make these trips unique. 

The people who work on our private fishing charter in Santa Rosa Beach know that fishing with family and close friends is a great way to spend time together. Our captains know how to make the boat a friendly place where families of all ages can enjoy themselves. We do everything we can to make sure that everyone in your family has a great fishing trip, from giving them helpful advice to making sure they are safe and comfortable.

As people who care about the ocean, we put a lot of value on fishing methods that don’t harm it. Our private charter fishing service in Santa Rosa Beach is dedicated to ethical fishing, which means that we follow catch limits and release animals that are not our target. Olin Marler cares about the health of the marine ecosystem so that people in the future will still be able to enjoy fishing in the waters off of Santa Rosa Beach.

✅  Swordfish fishing
✅  Amberjack fishing
✅  Snapper fishing
✅  Shark fishing

✅  Grouper fishing
✅  Trigger fishing
✅  Drum fishing
✅  Sheepshead fishing

✅  Marlin fishing
✅  Tuna fishing
✅  Mahi Mahi fishing
✅  Mackerel fishing

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter Pricing

Feel free to call us if you have any questions about how much our Santa Rosa Beach party boat fishing charter costs. Different trips have different prices based on their length, number of guests, and boats used. For that reason, call Olin Marler, come sail with us, and enjoy the thrill of fishing in one of the best places in the world. Our service is designed to give you the best fishing experience possible in every way, from our eco-friendly boats and skilled guides to the way we run our business. Come with us on the wide seas, where the Gulf waters are almost as appealing as a good catch. There’s never been a greater time to go on an exciting trip.

Get on one of our high-tech charter boats, which have been carefully built and equipped to make your fishing experience better. Our fleet has the most up-to-date navigational gear, which helps us get to the best fishing spots quickly and safely. There are many great things about our charter boats that make them perfect for your deep-sea trip. They have comfortable seating, lots of deck space, and high-quality fishing gear. When your trip with us starts, get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter Highlights

  • Specializing in bottom fishing and trolling.
  • Bait, ice, tackle, rods, and fishing license included.
  • 65′ walk around boat.
  • Air conditioned cabin with microwave, two bathrooms and sleeping accommodations.
  • 4, 6, 8 & 10 hour trips available.
  • Great fishing experience for families ages 7+.

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing Party Boat Charter Rates & Ticket Types

  • 4 Hour: $79/person
  • 6 Hour: $99/person
  • 8 Hour: $119/person
  • 10 Hour: $135/person

*Please note that prices may change based on season, day, or schedule. For exact pricing, please check our online schedule or call us at 850.837.7095.