Fort Walton Beach Dolphin Tours

Fort Walton Beach Dolphin Tours

Fort Walton Beach dolphin tours

The Emerald Coast’s beautiful  beaches, sea life, and scenery. One of the most magical things you can do in the area is the Olin Marler Fort Walton Beach dolphin tour. The trip promises beautiful views and a chance to get close to the friendly dolphins that live in the water. We invite you to join us on a dolphin tour in Fort Walton Beach and begin an unforgettable water adventure.

The water near Fort Walton Beach is full of sea life, which makes it a great spot for people who like to watch dolphins. These smart and friendly animals live in the Gulf of Mexico and are famous for their tricks and the way they play. The tour is the only way for people of all ages to see bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. They will make memories that they will never forget.

Fort Walton Beach Dolphin Tours and Cruises

On  a Fort Walton Beach dolphin tour and cruise, there is something for everyone, whether you want a calm cruise, thrilling dolphin sightings, or a fancy tour at sunset. Guides who know a lot about the history of Fort Walton Beach, the ecosystem in the area, and how dolphins behave walk with guests and tell them interesting facts.

Our dolphin tours are both fun and worth it. The knowledgeable guides on board share what they know about the ecosystem and sea life so that everyone can get the most out of their trip. People can learn about how dolphins act and live with each other, as well as the work that is being done to protect these amazing animals and the places where they live.

As you set sail on your dolphin tour or cruise adventure, the beautiful coast of Fort Walton Beach opens up in front of you. The tour will take place in a beautiful setting with turquoise water, powder-white sand beaches, and rolling hills. When you look out over the Gulf and see dolphins dancing gracefully through the water, don’t forget to bring your camera.

Destin Sunset Cruise

Fort Walton Beach sunset tour

There’s no better way to enjoy the beauty of the moment than on a Fort Walton Beach sunset and fireworks cruise as the sun starts to go down over the Gulf of Mexico, turning the horizon orange and pink. As the day fades into night, go on a trip that combines the peace of a Gulf sunset with the excitement of fireworks, making for an unforgettable experience. Come with us as we explore the allure of Fort Walton Beach’s Sunset and Fireworks Cruises. Each trip is a celebration of the beauty of nature.

Many people go to Fort Walton Beach, Florida, to see the beautiful sunsets. Seeing these natural shows from the deck of a boat makes them even more magical. As the sun sets over the calm waters of the Gulf, the sky turns into a painting of warm colors. Whether you’re a couple in love, a family looking for fun, or a group of friends wanting to relax, a Fort Walton Beach sunset cruise is the perfect place to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Sunset cruises in Fort Walton Beach are meant to create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. Picture yourself gliding along the coast with your partner, the soft wind from the water in your hair, and the sun going down in a rainbow of colors. There is often live music, free drinks, and comfortable seating on many tours, which adds to the romantic atmosphere and makes it the perfect place for a special occasion or a romantic getaway.

Destin Fireworks Cruise

Fort Walton Beach Fireworks Cruise

The excitement doesn’t end when the sun goes down; it only gets stronger. Fort Walton Beach’s fireworks cruises add a whole new level of fun to the evening. At night, fireworks light up the sky and reflect off the water below, making the sky look beautiful. Whether it’s a normal night or a holiday celebration, the fireworks add a magical touch that makes your cruise a grand show that everyone on board enjoys.

People of all ages can enjoy Olin Marlers’ Fort Walton Beach sunset and fireworks cruises. They’re not just for couples. A lot of tour companies make it easy for families to feel welcome by offering activities just for kids, large decks for kids to play on, and a safe place for everyone on board. Seeing the fireworks together is a great way for families to spend time together and enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

There are different kinds of sunset and fireworks cruises in Fort Walton Beach to suit everyone’s tastes. There is a cruise for everyone, whether you want a calm sailboat, a catamaran with great views, or a bigger boat with fun features for a party atmosphere. Some tours even let you make changes to your experience, so you can make sure that your sunset and fireworks cruise is exactly what you imagine an amazing night at sea to be like.

If you want to get the most out of your Fort Walton Beach sunset and fireworks cruise, you should book early, especially during busy times or holidays. A lot of tour companies let people book their trips online, which makes it easy for people to secure their spots on these popular trips. Before you go, make sure you know about any events or themes that might be going on, and then get ready for an unforgettable trip into the heart of Fort Walton Beach’s evening magic.

Destin Dolphin Cruises Rates & Ticket Types 

  • Adult: From $25.00
  • Seniors (60+)/Active Military: From $23.00
  • Child (4-14): From $17.00
  • Child (3 and under): $5.00

*Please note that prices may change based on season, day, or schedule. For exact pricing, please check our online schedule or call us at 850.654.7113.

Special Events & Group Rates

The Hannah Marie, our Destin firework cruise yacht, is perfectly equipped for your event. We rent the boat out for special occasions including… 

  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate parties
  • Team building
  • Reunions
  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • And more!

Please call 850.654.7113 for special group rates and information.