Destin Fishing Private Charter

Destin Fishing Private Charter

Destin fishing charterAre you trying to find the Destin fishing private charter adventure of a lifetime? Go no farther than Olin Marler’s Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Destin! We offer private charters that are ideal for any kind of group, including solo travelers, large parties, and families. Prepare yourself for an incredible adventure as we go in search of Snapper, Shark, Grouper, Tuna, and more!

Our skilled and knowledgeable teams won’t let you down, particularly when it comes to ensuring the kids have a great time. Bring the kids along for a fun-filled day in the sun that will leave you with many treasured memories on a Destin fishing private charter boat.

It’s no secret that Destin has earned the moniker “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” and for good reason. A variety of fish species find refuge in the shallow waters close to the coast where the warm Gulf Stream meets them. Every trip with our Destin fishing private charter fishing boats are packed with chances to reel in trophy catches because of our strategic location, which takes full advantage of this natural bounty.

An amazing fishing experience is provided by our Destin deep sea fishing charters! Take a private charter to discover Destin’s waters and escape the ordinary. This adventure is sure to excite groups of all sizes. Our crystal-clear waters are ready for you to enjoy a solo trip, a grand family adventure, or an entertaining gathering.

Destin Fishing Private Charters Party Boat

We provide a range of fishing trips to suit diverse tastes because we recognize that every angler has distinct preferences. We offer a variety of Destin fishing private charter that are specifically designed for you, whether you want to tackle the challenge of bottom fishing for grouper and snapper in the deep waters or the thrill of trolling for pelagic species like tuna and mahi-mahi offshore.Destin fishing private charter

A group of experienced and skilled fishing guides forms the foundation of our charter service. Our captains are not only knowledgeable about the local fishing ecology, but they are also excellent fishermen. They are intimately familiar with feeding grounds, migratory patterns, and the best locations to increase your chances of catching the big one. Our Destin fishing private charter guides customize the experience to fit your skill level and preferences, regardless of your level of experience as an angler.

Our exclusive deep sea fishing charter trips in Destin offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Come along with us as we search for a variety of fish, including swordfish, amberjack, snapper, shark, grouper, trigger, drum, and sheepshead. Join us as we go on this exciting adventure and make memories that will last a lifetime—more than just fish stories!

Destin Fishing Private Charters Are Kid Friendly

The skilled and knowledgeable teams put the enjoyment of the children first. Our Destin fishing private charter trips are kid friendly, so, bring the kids along and let our staff handle your deep sea fishing charter needs. They will always treasure this journey!

We provide a range of guided fishing trips to suit different ages, including Trolling, Sword, Bottom, and Deep Dropping. The length of the Destin fishing private charter you reserve will determine the species that can be targeted and the distance offshore.

Destin Fishing Private Charter Trips

Destin fishing private charter kid friendly tripsOur half-day Destin fishing private charter trips are ideal for those looking for an introduction to or family-friendly experience. These six- or eight-hour sessions allow you to return by midday and have dinner. Our full-day Destin fishing private charter trips span 12 to 18 hours, perfect for the serious angler seeking a longer adventure. These Destin fishing private charter excursions take you to deeper water, where a wider range of fish species are available for catching.

Take a look at our overnight trips or bucket list items for an experience of a lifetime. Depending on the species you want to see, we can tailor these trips (season permitting). You can extend your fishing expedition by up to 48 hours by going on overnight trips, which begin at 24 hours.

The staff at our Destin fishing private charter knows that going fishing is a great way to spend quality time with loved ones. Families of all ages can enjoy a welcoming and fun environment that our captains are skilled at creating. We go above and beyond to make your family’s fishing trip unforgettable, from offering practical advice to guaranteeing each passenger’s safety and comfort.

We place a high priority on sustainable fishing methods as ocean stewards. Our Destin fishing private charter service is dedicated to encouraging the release of non-target species, respecting catch limits, and practicing ethical fishing. Olin Marler makes sure that future generations can still experience the excitement of fishing in Destin’s waters by placing a high priority on the health of the marine ecosystem.

✅  Swordfish fishing
✅  Amberjack fishing
✅  Snapper fishing
✅  Shark fishing

✅  Grouper fishing
✅  Trigger fishing
✅  Drum fishing
✅  Sheepshead fishing

✅  Marlin fishing
✅  Tuna fishing
✅  Mahi Mahi fishing
✅  Mackerel fishing

Destin Fishing Private Charter Pricing

Wondering about our Destin fishing private charter pricing, give us a call.  All of our trips are different prices because of the different boats, number of guests and trip lengths. So give us a call and take a trip around the seas with us and experience the unmatched excitement of fishing in one of the top fishing locations in the world. Every aspect of our service, from cutting-edge boats and knowledgeable guides to a dedication to sustainability, is designed to deliver a remarkable fishing experience. Come along with us on the open waters, where the beauty of the surrounding Gulf waters almost equals the thrill of a successful catch. Now is the moment to embark on an unforgettable journey.

Come aboard our cutting-edge charter boats, which have been painstakingly built and outfitted to improve your fishing experience. With the most up-to-date navigational equipment in our fleet, we can safely and effectively reach the most promising fishing grounds. Several features, such as cozy seating, generous deck space, and excellent fishing equipment, combine to make our charter boats the ideal means of transportation for your deep-sea expedition. Prepare to create enduring memories as you set out on your adventure with us.

Destin Fishing Private Charter Highlights

  • Specializing in bottom fishing and trolling.
  • Bait, ice, tackle, rods, and fishing license included.
  • 65′ walk around boat.
  • Air conditioned cabin with microwave, two bathrooms and sleeping accommodations.
  • 4, 6, 8 & 10 hour trips available.
  • Great fishing experience for families ages 7+.

Destin Fishing Private Charter Rates & Ticket Types

  • 4 Hour: $79/person
  • 6 Hour: $99/person
  • 8 Hour: $119/person
  • 10 Hour: $135/person

*Please note that prices may change based on season, day, or schedule. For exact pricing, please check our online schedule or call us at 850.837.7095.